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art shows

2021  ~ La Femme du Chien

Group show at Besse Centre Gallery, Bay College - Escanaba, Michigan, USA
Curated by Kristine Granger as part of US Women’s History Month sharing work from all women artists

Artist Talk - La Femme du Chien

2018 ~ A dive, Splendid!

Institute of Contemporary Arts(ICA), Singapore.

2018 ~ Melange

Group Art show at Institute of Contemporary Arts(ICA), Singapore.

2017 ~ One Night Only

Performance at Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore.


artist residencies

January 2020 ~ Château d’Orquevaux, France



2020 ~ Château d’Orquevaux, France

Denis Diderot A-i-R Grant - for partial funding toward 2020 artist residency at Chateau d'Orquevaux.


design work

2020-22 ~ XEOM Consumer Pvt Ltd, Singapore

Designing the complete brand portfolio for their fmcg brand in India for 2 years 

2017 ~ Abacus Capital, Singapore

Managing and re-designing the portfolios of their art collections for auction houses and the art market.

2016 ~ Crépuscule, Singapore

Product design under the creative director: Re-design of the Sunsilk shampoo line launch. The conceptual aspect of brand design while working with clients like Tony&Guy. (Below the Line/Project Development)


artist collaborator / assistant

2018 ~ Praxis Press

Editor/Writer at the Praxis Press, McNally School of Fine Arts.

2017 ~ Affordable Art Fair, Singapore

Organising team - administration work.

2017 ~ Silver Arts Festival, Singapore

Assistant to artist Lee Sze-Chin in an Augmented Reality+art workshop titled ‘Virtually Home’.

2017 ~ A Collection: Collaboration of Music and Dance

Conceptualisation of a performance on sound and movement with the dance faculty at Lasalle College of the Arts.

2016-17 ~ Elision Ensemble
A year long collaborative project with the Australian Performing Arts Company and music ensemble, to create performance art pieces for SIFA (Singapore International Festival of Arts)

Aarushi /b. 1997

With an integral philosophy rooted in the importance of a material, central themes to my research include concepts of ephemerality, journey, the capacity to dream, the invisible and the immaterial.

Having grown up on a farm with nature in her multi hued splendour - constantly changing, growing, evolving, and perishing; I seek out the quality of impermanence in life and in the materials I work with.

In an attempt to rationalise the inevitable nature of temporariness, my thesis paper questions the relevance of olfaction in the visual contemporary art world. The camphor series was born out of this idea where I exploit the material in different ways till it sublimates and disappears. 

I did my BFA (fine arts) from Lasalle College of the Arts Singapore (Goldsmiths, London). 

Living and working in Lucknow, India. 

"Having an experience is taking part in the world. 
Taking part in the world is about sharing responsibility."  - Olafur Eliasson 

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