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what is not smelling is not unsmelling2_edited.jpg

Expanding on research on dematerialisation; this installation takes the form of topological-geometric sculptures that crystallise and eventually disappear.

what is not smelling is not unsmelling5_edited.jpg

Relying on the property of camphor to sublimate, the ephemeral sculptures convey concepts of impermanence and the implication of the olfactory sense in contemporary art.


‘Invisible’ components of smell and heat form the crux of the work.

In an already visually dominated contemporary art world, experiencing olfaction and the absence of olfaction has become more interesting.
loss of smell is one of the first symptoms of covid-19, 
where our lives are majorly reduced to the screens, and we rely heavily on vision.

what is not smelling is not unsmelling4.JPG
what is not smelling is not unsmelling7.JPG

In the process of documenting a predominantly odorous material, these images take a more commemorative place with the title-

what is not smelling is not unsmelling1_edited.jpg
what is not smelling is not unsmelling6.JPG
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