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The video is is made of the actual metals used to burn the camphor to create the holographic patterns on the wall installation.
video has no sound barring the sporadic clanks of the metal plates as they fall on the floor one by one.

Seeing the joyous flames made me believe that my camphor laughed.

Final installation_video.jpg

Drift Past the Flowers - Installation view - ICA, Singapore

The eight elliptical prints are arranged in a single vertical column, increasingly transforming from a circle to a thin ellipse, as well as progressively tilted at a greater angle to highlight both - the holographic effects, as well as their relationship with the viewer’s vista. 


Five camphor tablets burn separately on thin aluminium plates, suspended from a ceiling. Each flame within a circle, complements the form of the holographic prints on the adjacent wall.

The last flame distinguishes without the metal falling and the video ends.
There is very little human intervention and after being lit at the same time, each flame dances differently ending at its own pace. 

Installation detail_7.JPG
Installation detail_3.jpg
Installation detail_5.jpg
Installation detail_6.jpg

The ellipses are made with burnt camphor, soot, and scratches on large aluminium plates, printed on holograph paper. 

The same camphor burns on metal in the accompanying video, eventually falling to the ground in ways choreographed by the different dancing flames.

Installation detail_2.jpg
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