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An artwork that must be inhaled. That fills the air with fragrance and envelops the viewer.

When the 'Smeller' enters the room, they smell the camphor sublimating.

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Dragons Brain Perfume
R.A. Donkin has written an illuminating study of one of the longest traded,
and often most highly prized aromatic substances of the pre-industrial World - camphor

The white, flammable commodity is used throughout different regions by people from different cultures.

If gunpowder is a ‘Chinese’ substance, and incense are typically ‘Indian’, camphor would fall under the multi-regional and the multi-cultural.

Upon the first gaze, one might think of it as some sort of a wax or a salt.
On a closer whiff, the smell is obscurely recognised.

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The scent of camphor has provoked some strong reactions.
It immediately reminded a gentleman, of the Muslim rites of cleansing the body before burial during his grandmother’s death.
There it was, a word for the fragrance of camphor; of death.

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fragrance of death
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